About Us

Stanha Freight Forwarders Company Limited is a private company registered under Company Ordinance cap 212 of the United Republic of Tanzania with Certificate of Incorporation No. 139899237. The head office is located at Makunganya & Samora Street, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania.

Stanha Freight Forwarders Company Limited specializes in clearing and Forwarding in Tanzania, in East Africa, Central Africa and beyond. Stanha Freight Forwarders Company Limited is active in Sea Freight Consignment Import and Export, Air Freight Consignment Import and Export, Road Freight Consignment Import and Export, and by Railway. We are also experienced in all business related to shipping Industry, Transportation and Consultation services on Procurement & Supply.

Stanha Freight Forwarders Company Limited has established good formal relationship with all statutory organization, the Government, Tanzania Revenue Authority, Tanzania Port Authority and Tanzania Airport Authority and other organization like Tanzania chamber of Commerce, Tanzania Bureau of Standard (TBS), Export Processing Zone, and Government Chemistry Laboratory. We have a combination of Local and International Client.

Our Mission

To offer an effective and efficient service, fit to meet the expectations and requirements of our clients to encourage a positive working environment and teamwork, with a view to meeting the needs of the internal client.

Our Vision

Being a famous company at both the national and the international level, in recognition of our providing global solutions to all shipments Take the lead in developing in cargo clearing and forwarding business. Build the full potential of our services and solutions

Key To Success

With the increase in trade between Tanzania, the COMESA countries and the world at large calls the need for customs clearance of cargo in the respective countries and hence the need to appoint a globally connected clearing and forwarding company with an impeccable reputation. We therefore aim for excellence in fulfilling the promise and developing undoubted confidence with our clients, we provide easy access for our clients and great visibility for potential clients.